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Management Report
According to the Law on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing, which is adopted in 2016, PIEs and the first and second category enterprises, and the first and second category groups shall prepare and file management report to the Service.
The Law sets the content elements for the Management Report as follows:

a) Review of the Company’s Business;
b) Corporate Governance Statement; 
c) Non-financial Statement.

The objective of management reporting is to give stakeholders an opportunity to obtain information about the performance, development and position of the enterprise. With the help of this report they assess the future prospects and major risks of the entity.
Detailed Guidance on the Management Report is in the process of preparation and will be posted on the website in the nearest future. 

In the process of preparing this Guidance the service collaborates with the stakeholders, including World Bank and International Financial Corporation Consultants, Georgian Stock Exchange, local business associations, professional organizations and large banks. 

The Service is ready to cooperate with all interested parties in this direction.

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