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Due to a software update, from April 5 to 20 the RMS will be available in read-only mode

We would like to inform you, that from April 5 to 20 the reporting system (RMS) will be available in read-only mode. Accordingly, during this period, the annual reports’ submission-editing process, as well as editing, will be unavailable. 

During this period slight upgrades will be made to the digital forms in order to reflect IFRSs amendments and improvements in terminology. Also, certain automated controls will be added to the system to ensure the accuracy of digital forms of submitted statements. 

In the near future, SARAS will prepare relevant video instructions and place them on the SARAS web-page.  

SARAS will consider the above circumstances in the administration process with respect to accountable the entities which had to submit annual reports in this period. 

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