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Research – a new section on SARAS web page

SARAS, by using supervision system based on international standards, works for implementing Accounting, Reporting, and Auditing Reform since 2016. The main objective of the Reform is to oversight accounting and reporting sphere and ensure quality and reliability of financial statements. The Reform is oriented not only on supervision of profession, but also underpins country’s economic growth by simplifying access to finance and developing capital markets. 

Since 2016 various informational resources has been created by SARAS for the purpose of meeting the abovementioned objectives. 

Among which the Reporting Portal – reportal.ge should be noted  a national informational platform, comprising financial statements and management reports of entities operating in Georgia as well as various other publicly available data. 

More and more institutional and individual customers use this portal every year. Availability of reliable financial/non-financial information, prepared according to the international standards, gains significance for investment entities, regulators of the capital market, analysts, credit rating agencies, banks, scientific circles, consulting companies, state bodies, business promoting programs and other interested parties. 

SARAS made a decision to add research section to the official web page to share all the benefits of the Reform. Researches, statistical products, and important analytical information regarding the Reform, based on SARAS information resources, will be available there. 

SARAS is ready to cooperate with all interested parties having relevant qualification and expertise to make important and high-quality researches publicly available. 

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