Winners Announced for 2021 Best Annual Report and Transparency Award


On December 14, the winners of BARTA 2021 were announced. The award was established 3 years ago under the joint World Bank and European Union project - Georgia Financial Inclusion and Accountability, in partnership with the National Reforms Support Foundation in Accounting, Reporting and Auditing (RSF).

The annual award is intended to encourage compliance with new reporting regulations, foster healthy competition between companies, and improve the overall quality of corporate reporting as part of the country’s quest to build up investor trust and confidence at national and international levels.
The award ceremony 2021 showcased 18 nominated companies. The winners were announced by a distinguished international panel of judges. The selection process was conducted using a robust methodology.

The winners in each of 7 award nominations announced this year, are as follows:

Winner Large Financial Institutions – JSC Bank of Georgia 
Honorary Award for Large Financial Institutions - JSC MFO Crystal 
Winner Large Non-Financial Institutions (with 500 or more staff) – JSC Telasi 
Honorary Award for Large Non-Financial Institutions (with 500 or more staff) - JSC Silknet 
Small and Medium Businesses (with less than 500 staff) – JSC TBC Leasing 
Honorary Award for Small and Medium Businesses (with less than 500 staff) – JSC MFO MBC Capital
Best Sustainability Report – JSC TBC Bank 

This year the BARTA competition was open to all public interest entities (PIEs), which includes all A and B listing companies, admitted to trading companies, banks, insurance companies etc. 

The information regarding the event is available at the following –

View the video-recording of the ceremony.