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Representatives of SARAS attended the 7th meeting of the 2nd thematic group of the EU-Georgia Sub-Committee on Economic and Other Sector Cooperation


On July 7, representatives of SARAS attended the meeting of the sub-committee on Economic and Other Sector Cooperation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement in Brussels. At the meeting, representatives of SARAS reported information to the EU-side on the progress of the accounting, financial reporting and auditing reform being implemented within the Association Agreement. The representatives of SARAS discussed the issues regarding accounting and auditing. Concerning the fields under the supervision of SARAS, the approximation of Georgian legislation to EU Directives and Regulations, including the ongoing progress of supporting small and medium-sized entities was emphasized at the meeting. In addition, the representatives of SARAS talked about the completed and planned projects.

Within the Association Agreement, fulfillment of the obligations by SARAS, and the existing cooperation between Georgia and the European Union has been positively assessed by the EU-Georgia Sectoral Cooperation Committee.