Survey Results of PIEs and Enterprises/Groups of the First Category are now available


The joint European Union - World Bank project on Financial Inclusion and Accountability and Accounting Reform’s Stakeholders’ Foundation (RSF) present the results of the survey conducted with the support of SARAS.

The survey aimed to further develop the BARTA competition, as well as to identify areas where entities can be supported to improve their reporting.
37 companies participated in the survey, including 22 PIEs and 15 enterprises of the first category.

The majority of respondents are going to enter the BARTA competition.

According to the respondents, winning the competition can bring more trust, more public recognition and more investment in companies. In addition, transparency in reporting and making more information about BARTA available to the public, as well as providing additional training on relevant topics, could encourage new companies to enter the competition.

The organizers of the competition would like to thank all respondents who participated in the survey.

We would like to remind you that the BARTA 2023 competition has already started. From now on, in addition to the PIEs, enterprises/groups of the first category may also participate in the survey.